Dear Hotmail, I’m leaving you

Quicker than "hotmail"?

Quicker than “hotmail”?

Dear Hotmail (or “Outlook” as you tiringly insist on being called these days),

It’s over, we’re through, I’m leaving you.

In a funny kind of way, and despite the pain you’ve caused me in recent times, this still hurts.  But I guess we should be brave and admit it’s the end of the road.

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Flickr – playing with fire

Playing with fireChange is often met with a wall of anguished screams, especially online when high volume platforms are concerned – namely Facebook and Twitter. Changing something as important in so many digital photography lives as Flickr, that was bound to be a challenge.

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Innovation in healthcare

IMG_9701Last week’s Cardiff University Innovation Network at Heath Hospital’s School of Medicine promised a tour of healthcare innovation. Interest piqued, I went sightseeing.

“… real innovation will not be about new healthcare technology. It will be how the medical community rewires the way it works and collaborates by innovating business models with streamlined organisation, processes and automation.”

Health, Technology and the Forgotten Stepchild of Innovation: John Nosta & Faisal Hoque; Forbes, 26/01/2013

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Ode to record store day

Celebrating old media

Celebrating old media

My love of music was, like many of my generation, largely down to Steve Lamacq’s Evening Session show on BBC Radio 1. Therefore I feel a debt to make a nod to this year’s Record Store Day.

While I hadn’t been aware of it before this year, 2013 is the sixth celebration of the UK’s unique independent sector. On Saturday 20th April “all independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music. Special vinyl and CD releases are made exclusively for the day and hundreds of artists across the globe make special appearances and performances.” –

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Smart Room shows cutting edge of Thistle Hotel

IMG_5145A technology-packed room recently opened at The Parc Hotel, Cardiff’s member of the Thistle chain. With strong interests in travel and tech, I was invited along to take a look.

“A grand Victorian building with a distinctive French-influenced façade, The Parc Hotel is a Cardiff landmark. Following a massive refurbishment, The Parc Hotel is universally recognised as one of the premier hotels in Cardiff City Centre.”


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Early marriage for smartphone and desktop apps

Ubuntu - barking up the wrong tree?

Ubuntu – barking up the wrong tree?

New technologies constantly collide and drift apart again, some sticking together for longer than others. We crave golden solutions which cram everything into one swiss army knife of goodness and often come close to finding it, before realising it can’t quite do everything.

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Hardware step change and the reinvention of normal

easier for some than others.

With Christmas approaching and the tablet war currently in full swing, Amazon’s television campaign is pushing its products and services using the claim that it has ‘reinvented normal’. But as well as the online services that gradually seep into day-to-day habits, significant changes in media consumption produce significant emotions.  Manufacturers and vendors need to make us feel safe in our spending.

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The text message: dead, dying, or thriving?


Those with mobile ears to the ground consistently receive mixed messages about the health of SMS.  General traffic numbers still look ok, mobile operators clearly still make some money from it – though that’s been dented, the number of applications and functions it can help facilitate is still impressive.  Yet still the naysayers remain.

Issues are muddied by context, of course – primarily the difference between person-to-person (or peer-to-peer or P2P) messaging, and aggregator-to-peer (or A2P) messaging.  The latter is commonly used for automated and system-integrated messaging, whereas the former is you texting your friends.

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Not everybody’s social

frontline gaps can be costly

The following post amounts to little more than a customer service gripe.  Not much, but a little.

It’s well proven that social media is brilliantly effective at rescuing shaky customer experiences when the patience begins to fray, but should it have to?

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Technology end-games and when it all falls down

Hopes in the cloud?

Technology’s greatest strength, and arguably its biggest, weakness is that there is rarely an end-game, one perfect final solution.  Everything just keeps developing, for better or worse.

In an introductory video for The Guardian’s new iPad application, Editor In Chief Alan Rusbridger explicitly states: “there will be no final incarnation of The Guardian.”  It’s equally unlikely that there will be a final incarnation of much web-based technology we see around us today.  Will there be a final Facebook solution?  A final iPhone?

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