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business-photography-cardiffEven the most arresting words need strong images to reinforce core messages.

Composed Communication incorporates Composed Images, which is capable of capturing high quality, professional and affordable images for businesses in and around Cardiff and across the UK; creative or corporate.

Powerful images add impact and gravitas to words. ¬†Critical in influencing that quick decision about staying or leaving a page, photography can invite readers into text, or equally send them away. ¬†It’s always worth considering how your visuals might be used to complement or enhance a key message.

In Cardiff business photography is as important as everywhere else. You can rely on the tired, impersonal images of a stock photography supplier, or you can commission some specifically for your business which will speak more accurately to your audience.

Photography services:

  • Photography for business, headshots, groups, external building
  • PR Photography
  • Press and editorial
  • Event photography
  • Landscape and architecture
  • Family and portraits
  • Weddings and events

Work has included projects with Cardiff University, Tennis Wales, Telegraph Media Group, the FAW, Wales & West Utilities, CS Recruitment and UWC Atlantic College.

uwc-atlantic-collegeWhy not kill two birds with one stone and arrange a dual package of copywriting and photography? This can be especially effective if you’re seeking to build an online presence from scratch, if you need fresh content for social media channels, or if you need the text and visuals of a press release to be crafted and distributed.


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Composed Images.

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